Pine Barrens Byway
Southern Loop

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The Southern Loop

From Dennisville, the southern loop of the byway describes a rough circle, wending its way west and then north along to Port  Elizabeth and the other villages along the
Maurice River then east past the Peaslee Wildlife Management Area.
NJ Route 47 (Delsea Drive)
County Route 548 (Weatherby Road)
NJ Route 49

Manantico Creek, Maurice River at Route 47   


At the Cumberland/Atlantic County border, the route splits and follows the north and south sides of the Tuckahoe River to the settlements of Corbin City and Tuckahoe.
On south bank, the route includes the following segments:
NJ Route 49
County Route 632 (Marshallville Road)

Along the north bank, the route includes the following road segments:
NJ Route 49
County Route 649 (Head of River Road/Aetna Road)
County Route 611 (Main Street)
 NJ Route 50

The next leg of the route completes the circle by turning south to the small community of Belleplain in Dennis Township, then on
eastward to Woodbine and finally south back to Dennisville.
Some of the visitor sites and natural resources defining this part of the byway route are:
Maurice River
Peaslee Wildlife Management Area
Belleplain State Forest
Eldora Nature Preserve (The Nature Conservancy)
Dennis Creek Wildlife Management Area (Jakes Landing)
Cape May National Wildlife Refuge
Dennisville Schoolhouse Museum
Sam Azeez Museum of Woodbine Heritage



Tuckahoe River, Peaslee Wildlife Management Area             Prothonotary Warbler,  Belleplain State Forest